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If you often feel dissatisfied, you need to do something

Everyone has problems, and problems come and go, so how do you know if you need to do something about your problems? Well, if they often make you feel unhappy – dissatisfied, depressed, anxious, angry or stressed – then it’s time to take action Read more…


Solve your underlying problems and the bad feelings will go away

Feelings are not the main issue. People talk as if depression, anxiety and stress were the problem. But bad feelings are just effects of the problems that cause them. It’s OK to get help to feel better, but what will make bad feelings go away is fixing the underlying problems. Medication can sometimes makes the bad feelings go away for a while, but unless you use that time… Read more…


We help you approach your problems in the most effective way

If you’ve been feeling bad for a while, you may have considered various solutions. There’s a lot of help out there: medication, books, groups, courses, and complementary therapies, as well as therapy or coaching. But it can be difficult to choose. So at Kipapa we point you in the direction of other resources in addition to therapy or coaching. We do that by assessing all your problems – biological… Read more…


Good Psychology is your key tool for problem-solving.

Psychological therapy and coaching is a great way of solving any life problem, because to solve it you need to think skillfully, and good thinking requires good psychology. You may not know whether therapy or counselling can help your particular issue, but we at Kipapa know that all human life has been studied by psychologists, so we know we can find ways psychology can help. Consider also that almost… Read more…


You’re complicated, so having a diagnosis is not enough

You may have already found names on the internet for the problems you face, or you may have got a diagnosis, such as “Major Depression” or “Generalised Anxiety”. Some people like a diagnosis to name their problem. Others hate a diagnosis as it labels them. At Kipapa we see the usefulness, but also the limitations of diagnosis. Getting a diagnosis is like being told which area you live in: it confirms your whereabouts, but… Read more…

Psychological help can be effective for many problems

At Kipapa we believe that good therapy and coaching is not just idle navel-gazing: done right, it is systematic problem solving that begins with a thorough assessment, a plan and the right approach for you. And research shows that people who get psychological help generally feel better than 80% of those who don’t. Read more…


We make understanding your problems simpler

Psychology is full of jargon, and many “mental health” professionals get respect by sounding clever, but that can make psychological work daunting for clients. At Kipapa we don’t want to impress you with long words. We believe that underneath that jargon there is a universal language of change, which you already know, because it’s shared by all humanity. We call it JourneyBuilding®. If you’ve ever found yourself “in a hole” or… Read more…

We offer you a more complete understanding of your problems

That’s why at Kipapa we have built our unique Psycnav software to map your problems into a formulation that updates as we learn more about you. That map also shows us how you can take a better path in life. But we go further, doing something that no-one else does. Psycnav creates a matrix out of your life story, which works like a grid map. Because we know where you are on the map at any moment, it’s easier for us to help you get to where you want to go, no matter where you happen to be on any given day. Read more…

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